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Letter Exchange Program

We think that rather than training one leader or elite group, everyone living in this world should be a "culturally rich international citizen."  
If that happened, wouldn't this world become a much nicer place to live?
Unfortunately, the opportunities for children to experience international communication are very limited.
This is why we have decided to start a low-cost international letter exchange project that anyone (children from any country in the world) can participate in.
The goal of this project is to give all the world's children the ability to find international penpals, and to connect children around the world through letter-writing.

1. "Appreciation of the global society"
Our aim is to give children a chance to appreciate cultural differences and the international community through letter-writing, so they can help to build a peaceful international society in the future.
2. "Understanding our place in the world"
We think that understanding that we are connected to and a part the world that we see on TV and on the Internet is important as a first step towards taking our place in the global society.
3. "Developing an affinity for writing by hand"
We believe by exchanging heartfelt handwritten letters, we build an affinity for each other and the places our friends live, and develop our knowledge of the other country and the rest of the world.

Details of Activity
Support, coordination of correspondence and matching of participants, to enable smooth letter exchanges with children from other countries.
- Matching of children and schools according to their preferences, such as country, number of participants, age, etc.
- Proposals for content and method of letter exchange.
- Training and provision of correspondence facilitators.

Schools and children's clubs in all regions of the world, including Asia, Oceania, North America, South America, Europe and Africa.
Currently we are running trial programs in elementary schools in Japan, Cambodia, America and Nepal.

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